Feel that chill in the air? That basically means two things in Omaha—it’s Husker football season and it’s time to protect your pipes from being caught out in the cold. A plumbing service tip a day keeps the plumbing repairs away!

    1. Love a hot bubble bath? Better flush your water heater
      Throughout the year, your water heater can fill with sediment. In the summer, when heating water is a breeze, it’s not a big problem. But when your water heater has to fight against the bitter chill of an Omaha cold snap, that sediment makes your heater work harder. A quick fall flush can nip this problem before your water runs cold.


    1. Bring in your water hose and insulate your outdoor faucet When water trapped in your hose freezes, it can expand into your outdoor faucet. Hoses may be cheap to replace, but faucets and the connected pipes…not so much! As an extra layer of precaution, insulate your outdoor faucet after you disconnect the hose.


    1. Your exposed pipes need a winter coat too!
      Have any exposed pipes in your basement or along the outside of your home? Be sure these pipes are fully insulated so they don’t freeze in winter. In the summer sun, pipe insulation can dry out, become brittle, and break off. (A wandering weed-wacker has also been known to expose a pipe or two.) A quick inspection of your pipe insulation is an easy way to find the exposures before they become cold culprits.


As the most wonderful time of the year quickly approaches, be sure you take a few proactive steps to winterize your Omaha plumbing before the chill sets in.

And if the worst happens, Burton’s plumbing service and repair team is just a call away!

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