Dear Burton,

My neighbors mentioned how they always get their furnace serviced in the fall, but I’m curious what the big deal is. Between back-to-school shopping and all our other expenses, why should I spend more to tune up my furnace if it worked fine last winter? Our house is only about 10 years old, so do we really need preventive maintenance?

– The Skeptical Smiths

Dear Skeptical Smiths,

That’s a good question, and we hear it a lot. When your budget is tight, it’s easy to put preventive maintenance on the back burner.

Regular home furnace servicing helps your heater run better and last longer. Heating a home is expensive, especially in the middle of an Omaha cold snap. But you don’t have to cringe every time someone bumps up the thermostat! When we regularly tune-up your home furnace, we’re helping to boost its efficiency and prolong the life of your furnace. Even if a furnace is only a few years old like yours, you can have air escapes and dust build-ups that are really driving up your monthly bill.

A Burton furnace tune-up also includes checking for any gas or carbon monoxide leaks—before you start running your furnace every day. Carbon monoxide is invisible and scentless, so this safety precaution helps protect your family’s well-being for the upcoming winter season. And yes, your home carbon monoxide detector will warn you if your furnace does have a leak. But why wait and worry? The licensed and trained technicians at Burton will check this for you as part of their multi-point annual inspection.

As it sounds like your neighbors already know, with proper annual furnace maintenance service, your home furnace can operate smoothly for 15-20 years. And that’s good news, because a home furnace replacement is a little more pricey than your annual tune-up. Protect the life of your furnace by repairing leaks, escapes, and inefficiencies before they cost you big-time. There’s no question a quick furnace tune-up before the weather turns cold is a small investment with a long-term return.

– Mark (and the entire Burton team)


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