Nothing interrupts your carefree, sunny fun like a broken A/C during the dog days of summer. It’s time to dust off that A/C unit, flip to the cool side of the thermostat, and do a quick at-home inspection of your system— before the real heat wave hits!

Here are five easily-recognizable signs that it’s time for an A/C repair:

  • You’ve got a water leak.

If you notice a puddle around your A/C unit, call a repair tech right away. Moisture and condensation are normal, but in a properly functioning system the drain lines take care of the water. This is a major sign you need a repair fast, before that water damages your home or unit.

  •  Something doesn’t sound right.

When you first fire up the ol’ A/C unit, do you hear anything strange? A hissing, knocking, squeaking, or gurgling sound? If it sounds like the Creature from the Black Lagoon has moved into your A/C system, it’s time for a repair. Often, unusual noise means you’re in need of a new fan motor belt or there’s a refrigerant leak in the system. Both are quick, simple repairs— if caught early.

  • Your A/C is acting more like a heater.

If you bumped down the thermostat but you’re still not feeling cool air, you might have a simple problem on your hands or it could be a sign that a more significant repair is needed. Double-check your fuses and replace your air filters first. If the air still isn’t cold, it’s time to bring in backup. A faulty thermostat or bad compressor could be the culprit.

  • There’s a funky smell in the air.

Over the winter, moist air can become trapped in your ducts, creating mold and mildew. Not only does it smell foul, it’s not healthy to breathe in! This is an issue you’ll want to address right away, before you’re running your unit every day. Luckily, your A/C repair tech has special tools that make duct cleaning a fresh-smelling breeze.

  • Once it’s on, it never turns off.

A continuously running unit is a huge drain on your energy bill and can burn out your system. It could be caused by clogged filters or poor insulation, both of which are simple at-home fixes. But if you’ve replaced your filters, caulked your windows, and your unit still won’t shut off, that’s a sign it’s time to call your A/C repair tech. Your system may be losing efficiency or there could be a leak in your ductwork.

At Burton, we encourage every Omahan to book an annual A/C system check before summer. We’ll clean and check out your unit, give it a quick tune up, and make any necessary repairs early on, before your living room becomes a sauna! To book your A/C inspection, Just Call Burton: (402) 343-0011