What’s in your plumbing toolbox? For simple plumbing repairs around the house, these 5 tools will help you do the job right:

1. Plungers. As in, more than one.

Did you know plungers come in multiple shapes and sizes for different applications? You’re probably familiar with the classic, flat-bottomed cup plunger. This tool is best used for sink clogs. For toilet problems, you’ll want to use a flange plunger. It has a longer handle and a smaller cup that extends past the main dome of the plunger. This tool is ideal for creating a suction over curved drains.

2. Tongue and groove pliers

To disconnect the water to your sink or toilet, tongue and groove pliers are the perfect tool. The long handles help you get to those hard-to-reach pipes. Plus, they can fit a variety of plumbing fixtures.

3.  Long-reach needle nose pliers

If you’ve ever lost a ring down the drain, you know the value of a good pair of long needle nose pliers. They’re the best way to extract small valuables from your pipes. These pliers also make cleaning hair and debris out of your sink and bathtub drains a breeze.

4. Duct tape

Home DIYers shouldn’t use duct tape for permanent fixes. But to control a leak fast, it’s a handy and versatile tool. To stop your leak from becoming a flood while you turn off the main water supply, a stretch of duct tape will do in a pinch.

5. And the most important tool? A trusted plumbing service

When it comes to home plumbing repairs, sometimes you’ve just got to dispatch the A-team. If things go south, call Burton. Our team of expert plumbing technicians can diagnose the problem and get your home back in working order, fast.

Our trucks are stocked with thousands of parts. We can complete most plumbing repairs in just one trip. And with guaranteed upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll get the 5-star service you deserve.

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