Hopefully, you don’t have to think about your septic system that often. It’s out of sight and out of mind, as it’s meant to be! But you should keep a vigilant eye out for these three telltale signs that it’s time to call a septic tank plumber—before you have a major emergency plumbing situation.

  1.  All your drains take their sweet time

One or two slow-flowing drains is probably the sign of a minor plumbing clog, not a major septic tank emergency. But if all the drains in your house flow slower than molasses, it’s an early sign that a sludge buildup may be blocking your septic tank. You might also hear weird noises when you flush a toilet or stand in your yard. Gurgling or bubbling sounds are the theme music of septic tank clogs. If your yard sounds like an upset stomach, call a septic tank plumber as soon as possible. At Burton, our 24-hour emergency plumbers are always available for situations just like this.

  1. You have a new water feature in your backyard

If your septic tank is full or failing, it won’t be able to hold wastewater anymore. That water will begin to pool around your septic system as it seeps into the ground. You’ll likely begin to notice a large damp area or standing water, even when it hasn’t rained for days. Another sign of leakage is a patch of especially bright green grass right above your tank. While it may be the best your yard has ever looked, a leaking septic tank should be addressed ASAP, before all that extra drainage backs up into your home or contaminates nearby water sources.

  1. Something doesn’t smell quite right

If you notice an unusual and unpleasant odor outside, especially around the drainfield of your tank, call your septic tank plumber right away. That’s the sign of a major clog backing up your system, or that the septic tank is leaking into your yard. You may also notice a particularly bad smell in your home if the backup has already reached your in-house plumbing. An expert plumber, like the emergency plumbing team here at Burton, can diagnose the issue quickly, before the odorous problem worsens.

A septic system replacement can be expensive. But if caught in time, many septic issues can be fixed with a simple, non-invasive repair. If you’re in the Omaha area and you notice any of these symptoms, Just Call Burton. Our team of highly trained plumbers and technicians offer friendly service, expert repairs, and up-front pricing. Contact us to schedule a free consultation!