photoSaving energy is never far from anyone’s mind.

And now, with a lighting control system, you have one of your best opportunities yet.  Once a luxury item, these systems have become affordable for homeowners of all income levels.

With one system, you can pre-program lighting fixtures all over your home – or one fixture at a time – to turn on and off at certain times of day while you’re traveling or for any reason at all.

Here’s just some of what you can accomplish with a professionally designed and installed lighting control system:

  1. Switch lights on and off with ease. You can do so manually, or program your system to turn certain lights on and off at specific times of day.
  1. Enjoy a heightened sense of security by incorporating pathway or outdoor floodlights into your system. That way, you can turn those outdoor lights on just before you leave your house and again when you return.
  1. Save energy and money in multiple ways. During past vacations, chances are you’ve left one or more lights on 24/7 to create the illusion that someone’s home.   Now you can accomplish that same goal by turning on certain lights only when you need them, and cut your energy costs substantially in the process.
  1. Added convenience. A lighting system’s tabletop control panel typicallys features “all on” and “all off” buttons.  Once you click on “all off”, there’s no need to climb out of bed to see if all the lights are off.
  1. Change things up. Enjoy the flexibility of creating the right type and amount of lighting, one room or area at a time. Like it warm and romantic in your master bedroom?    Like it bright and cheerful in your kitchen or family room?  Done and done.
  1. Plus, you can fully integrate a lighting control system with other home technology, such as security and HVAC systems. And it all can be controlled – at home or remotely – from your Wi-Fi accessible iPad or similar remote device.

Here at Burton, we can custom design a lighting control system for every home, including yours – one that fits your needs and budget.  For more information and to schedule an on-site consultation and lighting control system quote, contact Burton today.