blogLet’s say we just finished installing a new air conditioning system in your home, just for the sake of argument.

One of the things we would recommend – and of paramount importance to protecting your investment – would be annual system maintenance. To underscore the point, we would show you the same recommendation in the manufacturer’s paperwork. And you, of course, would heartily agree with the need for annual system maintenance while applauding the expected benefits from that service, such as:

  1. Fewer repairs, if any
  2. Longer lifespan for your AC system
  3. Lower energy costs
  4. Even levels of comfort throughout your home

So that’s it, we finish up cleaning up after the installation, and remind you that we’ll be in touch the following spring to schedule the very same preventative maintenance service that you just agreed was vital to the long-term health and value of your new AC system.

But then, too often, a funny thing happens between “now” and “next spring,” i.e., all too many customers don’t schedule our AC cleaning and inspection service, and for all kinds of “reasons.” Usually, from our experience, it comes down to one thing: “What if they really DO find something wrong, then what?!” Roughly translated, we call it fear of the unknown, or “Let’s leave well enough alone.”

Well, dear friends and customers, we can tell you from many years of continuous service to home owners throughout the Omaha and Council Bluffs area, that “leaving well enough alone” – at least when it comes to the care and maintenance of mechanical systems – is usually a recipe for disaster. Without annual professional maintenance, the potential for costly repairs soar sky high, and that’s when we run into customers – new and existing alike – who start kicking themselves for trying to save a few dollars now, only to have to spend many more dollars for neglecting their home comfort system, air conditioning included.

So, if you truly want repair-free and uninterrupted comfort this and any other summer, simply contact Burton to request our professional AC cleaning and inspection service. And just like that, you’ll have one big thing LESS to worry about.