Winter can pose a lot of seasonal issues – runny noses and icy roads to name a couple. Brutal Midwestern winters can also take their toll on homes with their drastic shifts in temperature and humidity.


Did you know you need to get your furnace checked every single year? Just like oil changes and dentist appointments, regularly servicing your furnace can easily prevent problems before they arise. And with the average home keeping the same furnace for over 10 years, you should have your furnace serviced more than once every decade or so. Why? Because preventing problems is a lot easier than fixing them. And because a broken furnace can be seriously dangerous.


Some of the greatest dangers of an unchecked furnace are:


Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that becomes a risk when a gas furnace breaks. The fuel that your furnace burns when working properly can built up in the air instead of burning. When this happens, people and animals inhale the gas at toxic levels. Exposure to carbon monoxide can result in permanent neurological damage or even death. Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning look a lot like flu systems. The best thing to do if you think your family has been poisoned is to go somewhere with clean air and contact poison control. The 24/7 Poison Control Hotline is 800.222.1222.


Fire hazard

Furnace parts can become defective or distorted over time with normal wear and tear. These broken interior parts, if left unchecked, can act as tiny fire hazards, either by blocking normal ventilation or entering the heat source. Heating problems are the number two cause of house fires in the US (after cooking-related fires – and we can’t help your cooking skills!).


Higher energy bills

“I LOVE spending extra money on my utility bill!” said no one ever. If you’ve recently noticed a spike in your energy bill, your furnace may be to blame. Sometimes, a simple cleaning and service is all it takes to drop your bill back down to normal.


Other household issues

If your furnace isn’t performing at its peak, the rest of your home could be suffering. A home with a faulty furnace can lead to bigger issues like busted pipes or foundation problems. Plus, if you don’t take care of your system, it can drastically shorten the life – resulting in premature replacement.


Don’t let your furnace go unchecked from one year to the next, you can look forward to improved operation, fewer repairs, lower energy bills, and peace of mind. Plus that warm feeling you get knowing your heating system is serviced and your family is safe.


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