The spark from an electrical outlet, the sudden hush of electronics and appliances, or the dim of a bathroom light as you turn on the blow dryer all provide clues that you may have an electrical wiring issue. But not all clues are that obvious.

Hot Outlets – It’s common for appliances to generate heat during normal operation, but the outlets they’re plugged into should not. If you notice an outlet that’s warm to the touch, unplug cords connected to it, and don’t use the outlet again until the situation has been investigated and repaired as needed.

Flickering Lights – If just one fixture is flickering, the problem could be a loose bulb or connection. If lights are flickering all over the place, the problem is likely in the circuit, breaker box, or utility drop. If you suspect a ghost, well, we can’t help you there.


Burning Smell – A burning smell should always incite worry. If any component of your electrical system heats up enough to melt and cause a burning smell, you need to take prompt action and reach out to a licensed electrician right away.

Loose Outlets – If you plug or unplug something and notice the inside of the outlet moving around, don’t just ignore it. A loose outlet can lead to sparks, shorts, and represents a potential fire hazard.

Messy Wiring – If you have dangling, tangled, or haphazardly placed electrical wires, there’s a good shot it’s the result of poor installation.  A licensed, experienced electrician would not leave a mess like that for you to correct.

Rodent Activity – If you suspect or know you have rodents sharing your living space, check on accessible electrical components for chew marks or any other signs of damage. Rodents like to gnaw on wiring until it’s exposed; that, in turn, could result in an electrical fire.

Unless you have every reason to trust an electrical service provider, don’t! It’s not worth the risk. When you want to be sure of what you’re getting, contact Burton for any home electrical service need.  For plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical services and more, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.