Toilets serve a very specific role in our lives.  They remove “things.”  Things we don’t want around any longer than necessary.  And things we’d rather not see again.

But there’s a very finite beginning and end to the “things” list.  In fact, there are only 3 items that belong on that list, and 3 only:  liquid waste, solid waste, and toilet paper.  Good-bye, the end, see ya!

The only problem is, not everyone has that list in front of them all the time and therefore tend to use their toilets to dispose of things that your toilet was not built to fully flush.

Here are a few of the more popular items that tend to make our phones ring here at Burton to come and fix a clogged toilet drain:

  • Sanitary napkins and tampons.  Wrap them in paper and toss them in the garbage can vs. your toilet.
  • Baby wipes and “flushable” wipes. These supposedly biodegradable wipes don’t dissolve completely, and they can become a gummy mess in your home’s plumbing system.
  • Tissues and cotton balls. They’re not drain friendly, and will eventually lead to clogged pipes.
  • Hair. Cleaning out the hair brush and tossing it into the toilet is a bad habit. Toss it in the trash instead.
  • Any kind of Trash. This seems obvious enough, right? Cigarette butts, small pieces of paper, wrappers – you name it – are bad for your toilet drain.
  • Toys.  You can’t believe the stuff we retrieve from toilets.  Dolls, toy trucks, costume jewelry, stuffed animals.  If you have small children around, it’s a good idea to keep the bathroom door securely closed when not in use.
  • Chemicals.  Just because it’s a liquid doesn’t mean it should go down the toilet. Leftover cleaning solutions (unless they are completely natural) should go in a closed container and in the trash.  While they won’t clog your toilet, they eat away at the drain and sewer lines and eventually cause much bigger problems, such as complete sewer line replacement.

At Burton, there’s no clogged sewer or drain problem we can’t fix.  And we have the most up-to-date and sophisticated equipment in the business.  So please, for your own sake, use your toilets only for their express purpose.  But should a problem occur anyway, we’ll be right over to make things right again.  Count on it.

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