If you think Omaha air conditioning systems are nothing more than mechanical beings that provide a useful service, and nothing more, you might want to think again.

For some people – even though they may not realize it – air conditioning systems, over time, take on pet-like status.  Consider the following exchange (admittedly made up for the sake of illustration) that takes place daily in homes throughout the land:

“Honey, it might be time to replace our air conditioning system?”

“Are you kidding me, it works like a charm!  That thing has been super faithful to us and now you want to suddenly get rid of it?”

“Uh, I was just thinking about…”

“Let’s discuss this some other time!”

See that?  Real genuine affection, which is nice and all, but not always practical.  Consider the following:

  • The average lifespan of an air conditioning system is 10 – 15 years.
  • If your system is at least 5 years old, chances are it’s running no better than at 60% energy efficiency, which means you’re spending a lot more than necessary to properly cool your home.
  • The older a system gets, the more prone it becomes to major repairs, which can easily cost between $1,000 and $1,500.
  • And, if you haven’t had your system faithfully maintained on an annual basis, the chance of a major repair is 35% greater.

So yes, give your AC system props (especially if we installed it!) for hanging tough all these years, but if it’s getting up there in years, needing repair work more than you might like, and chewing up energy dollars like candy, now’s the perfect time to consider a high-efficiency replacement system.

At Burton, we design and install systems up 97% energy efficient, meaning you’ll cut your AC utility costs by about 30%.  Plus, with a variable speed unit, your system will last longer since it won’t have to work as hard as your current single-speed system.

In fact, there all kinds of new bells and whistles that will make you love and adore your new system just as much – if not more – than “Ol’ Faithful” that continues to chug along, but perhaps only barely.

For more information and a free in-home quote, contact Burton today:  one friend to another.