Do you think you have a sewer line problem? Household plumbing and related problems are bad enough when the cause is staring you in the face.  At least then you have some idea of what comes next…trying to fix it yourself, shutting off the water supply, calling a plumber, etc.

But what happens when you notice certain problems but can’t see what’s causing them? Frustrating to say the least, right? Well, if you’ve ever experienced any of the following symptoms, there’s a good chance a blocked or damaged sewer was the underlying problem.

Here are a few examples of the harm that can cause.


Mold on walls or ceilings
If there’s a leak in a sewer pipe behind an inside wall or above the ceiling, a cracked water of sewer pipe is high on the list of possible causes.

Slow Moving Drain
If one of your toilet, tub, or sink is draining slowly and nothing you attempt is making a difference, the problem might lie deeper than you think.

The Grass is Greener?
Cracked and leaking sewer pipes also can turn certain areas of your lawn damp or lush green in color with no other noticeable changes in the rest of the year. Raw sewage is a natural fertilizer.

Indentation in Your Lawn or Paved Walkway
Extra green grass or healthier than normal landscaping aren’t the only signs of an underground sewage leak.  By consistently saturating the ground around it, areas or your lawn or walkway can dip toward the fractured sewer.

Cracks in Your Foundation
The longer a cracked sewer problem goes undiagnosed, the more damage it can cause.  At the first sign of a crack in your foundation, contact Burton – we’re the best place to start, especially since you often won’t need any other assistance.

Even with early detection, you could be facing a serious sewer line problem and equally serious expense to get it fixed.  That’s why Burton recommends periodic sewer line video inspection. That way, we can get a clear look at the integrity of your pipes and determine if any existing clogs are better handled at that time. Contact Burton today for more information or to schedule service.