From 1950 to 1990, builders installed millions of Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) circuit breaker panels in homes across the country. FPE panels were one of the most common circuit breaker panels on the market during that time. The company has been out of business for decades, but the old panels are still found in countless homes. And many of those breaker panels have Stab-Lok circuit breakers that are now known to be defective.

If you have a Federal Pacific panel installed in your home, we recommend upgrading your system right away to protect against electrical fires.

Up to one in four Stab-Lok breakers in FPE panels are faulty.  In fact, as many as 2,800 house fires each year are started by these faulty breakers!

When a circuit in your FPE panel becomes overloaded or short-circuits, that heat can seriously damage the system without you noticing a problem. Once you reset the breaker, it may not trip again— even when overloaded. As the wires on that circuit overheat, they can trigger sparks, arcs, or a dangerous electrical fire.

Even if your FPE panel has worked properly for 25+ years, one short circuit can cause this critical malfunction. That’s why it’s important to check if your home has an FPE panel right away, even if you’ve never had an issue. The best way to keep your home safe is to upgrade your FPE panel as soon as possible.

How to determine if your home uses a Federal Pacific panel

If you have an FPE panel, it should have a name label or logo on the front of the panel door or inside the door near the circuit labels. On many models, this sticker is bright red. You’ll also find the Stab-Lok label near the side or center of your panel if those faulty breakers were used in your FPE panel.

If your home’s electrical system is outdated, even if you don’t have an FPE panel, it’s smart to have your system inspected every few years. Older panels are prone to major faults that can become hazardous. Preventing issues  is much easier than repairing them, so don’t put off this important home maintenance task!

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