Dear Burton,

We just bought a new dishwasher and I was planning on installing it myself. But I got to reading, and it says the warranty could be voided if I self-install instead of hiring a local plumber. Why can’t I just hook it up myself?

      –  Handy at Home

Dear Handy,

You’re right about your warranty. If you install your own home appliances and anything goes wrong, you can bet that one of the first questions they’ll ask is who installed it. If installation wasn’t completed exactly by the book (and it’s a long book!), your warranty can be immediately voided. Talk about making a bad day worse. But warranty protection isn’t the only reason you should consider hiring a local plumber to install your appliances.

There’s an art to installation

Online videos may make DIY appliance installation look easy. But spend 30 seconds browsing #PinterestFails and you’ll see that the internet can give anyone a little too much confidence! Before you buckle your tool belt and grab a pair of pliers, remember that there’s a reason our technicians go through hundreds of hours of training for jobs just like this.

Anytime you’re dealing with equipment that uses both water and electricity, like a fridge or dishwasher, you’ve got to be extra cautious to avoid a kitchen catastrophe. One crossed wire can short circuit your outlet, break your appliance, or start a fire. That video might have detailed step by step instructions, but only a trained expert knows how to put every best practice into use.

Some kitchen appliances require adjustments

If you purchased a new dishwasher for your older home, there’s a chance your connections won’t line up like they used to. You may even need new hoses or retrofitted connections just to make the new appliance function in the original space.

If you’ve got a retrofit on your hands, you have two options: You could make ten trips to the Big Box store to get what you need. By the time you’re done, you’ll be on a first-name basis with the cashier. Or your local plumber could have the job done in an hour with just the right parts and tools from the start.

The biggest risks are the ones you can’t see

When your plumber installs your new kitchen appliances, they’ll also check for damaged pipes, connections, and corrosion that the average home handyperson might miss. If left unrepaired, a faulty connection can trigger a major leak under or behind your appliance. That pre-check is an invaluable benefit of hiring a local plumber for installation.

When you want the job done right, Just Call Burton

The local plumbers here at Burton can get your new kitchen appliances installed quickly and correctly. To save time, protect your kitchen, and avoid future repairs, call: (402) 343-0011