Nebraska winters take it out on everyone. Which means no matter how well your plumbing might be running now, things can take a turn for the worse once cold weather revisits us.

But now, you can prevent damage to your home and plumbing by following these plumbing self-help tips:

Clear out your gutters and downspouts

Poor insulation in the attic causes snow to melt on the roof, and clogged gutters cause the water to overflow.  Then, when water freezes, it expands and can tear apart your eaves, roof, and take sections of gutters right off the house.

Disconnect garden hoses

Unhook your hoses then drain and store them in an above-freezing location like your garage.  At the same time, shut off the water valves to your outdoor hose bibs to prevent freezing and cracking.

Insulate open, unheated spaces and the water pipes inside them

By insulating open spaces – such as in a crawl space or your garage – you can reduce drafts.  That helps lower your heating bills and reduces the risk of freezing pipes.  For even greater protection, insulate the pipes inside those open spaces, and check on the integrity of your window caulking and door weather stripping.

Inspect your water heater and have it serviced

The last thing you want is to run out of hot water in the winter, which only increases the likelihood of pipes freezing and bursting. So, check for signs of water leaks around the base of your storage tank or in the pan. Also, have your tank flushed to clear it of sediment to improve your system’s efficiency.

Check for hidden water leaks

Any water leak should be repaired as quickly as possible.  But some are more difficult to locate than others. Start by pulling your refrigerator away from the wall once a month.  If you see any water on the floor, something’s leaking, and water could be seeping into your floorboards. Also check inside your attic, under your cabinets, and look for water stains and black mold.

Here’s another great way to prep your home for winter: contact Burton today to request our whole-house plumbing inspection. If you have any plumbing susceptible to the ravages of winter, we’ll spot them and give you our best recommendations on how to fortify your defenses. It’s a battle, alright, and one we’re determined to help you win.