Summer is the perfect time to pack up the family and hit the road for a much needed vacation. And whether you’re a fun-in-the-sun crew, love the great outdoors, or can’t wait to tour a new city, nothing will dampen that family trip faster than a sky-high water bill or plumbing emergency back home.

So before you grab your suitcase and SPF 50, take a minute to prepare your home for your summer vacation with these four plumbing protection tips:

  1. Drain your washing machine and dishwasher. Week-old wet laundry is a smell we wouldn’t wish on anyone. Empty your appliances and leave the doors open to prevent mold and mildew from taking over.
  2. Double-check your sump pump. Hopefully you test your sump pump at least once a year, before you’ve got a leak on your hands! But if not, let your summer vacation be all the encouragement you need to grab a bucket of water and give it a test. In the event of a major indoor leak that could go on for days while you’re away, you’ll be glad it works!
  3. Put your sprinkler system on a timer. If you plan to water your yard while you’re away, make sure your automatic sprinkler system is set up correctly. You’ll want to test this in advance— the wrong timing could create a less-than-sunny water bill when you get home.
  4. Consider turning off your main water supply. For the ultimate plumbing protection, find your main water supply valve and shut it completely off. This valve should be near your outdoor water meter. You might need a special key to turn it off. If you can’t turn off your main water supply, try shutting the valve where the water enters your home. Typically that’s located near your laundry room or basement.

Serious plumbing emergencies are rare. But these easy tips will ensure disaster doesn’t strike while you’re far from home. So grab an umbrella drink, kick back on a beach lounger, and enjoy your summer trip. You’ve earned it!

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