On a hot Omaha day, there’s nothing like the refreshingly cool, perfectly crisp breeze of an air conditioning system operating at peak performance. To keep your home comfortable all summer long, it’s important to choose the right size and type of A/C system. You know the phrase “one size fits all?” Well when it comes to your A/C, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re building a new home or replacing your existing A/C system, here’s what you need to know about air conditioners:

Permanent A/C systems come in three main types

  • Central air conditioning: This system uses a network of ducts and one or more outdoor units to cycle air through your home. They’re great at keeping your rooms uniformly cool (when installed correctly). Central A/C systems also filter the air and remove humidity— a benefit for homeowners during the spring sneeze season!
  • Ductless air conditioning: Also called a mini-split system, this heating and cooling system has two parts: An outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handler. They’re connected by refrigerant lines instead of ductwork, which means each air-handler cools and filters the air in that room on-demand. They’re highly efficient because they deliver temperature-controlled air straight into the room quickly, without cooling unnecessary spaces along the way.
  • Heat pump systems: You may be surprised to learn that heat pumps can actually cool your home as efficiently as they heat it. Heat pumps essentially collect the hot air in your home and push it outside. As that air is removed, the cooled air surrounding the evaporator coils is pulled into your home, lowering its temperature.

Which air conditioning system is right for you? It depends…

Your budget, home type, and home size all factor into this big decision. Heat pump systems tend to be the most expensive to install, but they offer considerable energy savings overtime and perform double-duty in the winter.

Central air conditioning is popular for a reason! It’s easy to install, offers whole-home comfort, and can be less expensive up front. But in the long run, central A/C systems can use more energy and require routine filter changes.

When it comes to A/C systems, bigger isn’t better!

Did you know the size of the A/C system you choose is just as important as the type? An undersized unit will run constantly, fighting an uphill battle to keep your rooms cool. But an oversized unit is just as problematic. It can cool your home too quickly, turning on and off dozens of times each day. That puts unnecessary wear and tear on your unit, damaging the motor and shrinking its lifespan. Plus those short cycles can fail to remove the moisture in the air, causing it to feel more like a clammy crypt than a happy home.

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