Dripping water is a sound that could drive you up the proverbial wall, especially if you can’t figure out how or where to make it stop in your Omaha home.  And that’s often the case with a hidden water leak.

Has that ever happened to you?  If so, you no doubt checked the toilet, shower head, and maybe even the baseboards and ceiling for signs of a leak.  And even though you’re sure you’ve checked everywhere, you still hear it. Where on earth could that drip be coming from?

Well, more often than not, the dripping is taking place inside a sink or tub drain trap.  These drains are fitted with P- or J-traps (so named based on their shape), specifically designed to ensure proper drainage and prevent sewer gases from entering your home.  When working normally, water runs down the drain and into one side of the trap. When that side is full, it overflows into the main drain pipe. After the water has finished draining, the water level balances out evenly on both sides of the trap.

A problem occurs when the water doesn’t rest evenly in the trap due to a clog. The out-of-balance water levels lead to trickling or gurgling water. And yes: it is the source of that annoying drip, and stems from the buildup of soap, hair, biofilm (that icky, slimy substance), and dirt.

So now that you’ve found it, it’s time to fix the problem.  First thing’s first: get out the plunger. A few to several strong plunges will frequently do the trick.  If not, next try a liquid drain cleaning solution, but steer clear of harsh chemicals and use a natural version instead, such as a half cup of baking soda followed immediately by a half cup of vinegar.  Let it stand for 30 minutes and then try running your faucet again.

When all else fails, Burton comes through:  time and time again.  The fact is, hidden water leaks could be going on inside your walls and crawl spaces, too.  But not to worry:  we have sophisticated electronic leak finders that allow for quick location and problem solving.  That way, we can take care of the leak and the noise it’s making all at the same time.

For leaking water or any plumbing need at all, contact Burton today.

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