Home ownership is not inexpensive; from basic utilities to routine maintenance, emergency repairs and more, sometimes you just shake your head in wonder.

But that doesn’t mean you have to just sit back and take it.  Not when there are several ways to cut your monthly maintenance costs.

Here are some good places to start.

Programmable Thermostat – Stop heating (or cooling) your home when you’re not there. With a programmable thermostat, your house can be warm and toasty or cool and comfortable by the time you come home, without using all the energy all day long.


Attic Fans – In the warm weather months, take some of the pressure off your air conditioning system by drawing hot air out of your house with an attic fan.

Water Restrictors – Install water restrictors in your shower heads and faucets to control the flow of water and reduce water consumption.

Water Heater Blanket – Keep heat from escaping your water heater by wrapping it with an insulated blanket. They’re inexpensive and can be found at just about any home improvement store.

Thermal Curtains – With a layer of foam between the layers of fabric, thermal curtains not only keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, they are room darkeners for a better night’s sleep.

Insulation – Did you know that you could save over $500 a year in energy costs simply by improving your home’s insulation? It’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over while enhancing indoor comfort.

Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs – While they cost a little more than traditional bulbs, energy-efficient light bulbs use between 25-80% less energy and last much longer. In the end, they cost much less than incandescent bulbs.

HVAC Maintenance – Properly maintained systems run cleaner, more efficiently, and last longer, which saves you money now and in the long run.

Cold Water Laundry – Save the warm or hot water for heavily soiled laundry and wash the rest in cold. And remember, set your washer to the water level that’s appropriate for the load.

Clean Your Fridge – Clean your fridge and freezer regularly and make sure vents and fans aren’t blocked to encourage optimum airflow. This will keep it working more efficiently while consuming less energy for even more cost savings.

Here at Burton, we specialize in helping our customers save money.  That’s why we recommend annual plumbing, heating and cooling preventive maintenance. The better you take care of your home comfort systems, the better they’ll take care of you…and the less they’ll cost to run. Contact us today for more information or to schedule service.