Large or small, top-of-the-line or budget-friendly, all household appliances undergo wear and tear.  The longer they run, the more susceptible they become to repair and replacement.  At the same time, there are certain bad habits that tend to speed up the process…habits you’ll want to avoid.

Here are a few good examples:


  1. Don’t flush your garbage disposal with hot water. Hot water melts fat and grease which can then reform and clog your drain line. Instead, flush the disposal with cold water for up to 30 seconds. It’s also a good idea to keep FOG (fats, oil and grease) out of your drain and disposal altogether.
  2. Don’t place sharp objects on dishwasher racks. Sharp objects such as knives can nick and scratch the vinyl coating of the dishwasher racks which, in turn, can lead to dish-straining rust. Always place knives and other sharp objects in the cutlery basket with the sharp ends pointing up.
  3. Don’t over-stuff your fridge or freezer. While it’s true that a full refrigerator and freezer work more efficiently, overfilling them can block air vents, restrict cold air flow, and overburden the condenser.
  4. Empty your pockets. If loose change and other objects make it inside the washing machine, they also can work themselves into the nooks and crannies and cause a jam…the kind that requires repair work.
  5. Keep your oven clean. Lingering oven spills can damage the unit’s heating coils. Wipe up spills once the oven cools down back to normal. Also, line the rack with aluminum foil for greater ease of cleaning.

Speaking of things that need to be kept clean, how about your home heating and cooling systems?  In fact, with an annual cleaning and inspection, your systems will run better, last longer, provide added safety, and help keep your energy costs down.

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