Kids have a unique ability to get into mischief, even when you’re convinced you’ve successfully made their surroundings mischief-proof. As if that was even a possible thing!

Well, now that another school year has ended and your children will be spending much more time at home for the next few months, the mischief meter could climb by leaps and bounds.  Which is probably okay, provided mischief doesn’t lead to injury or damage.

So, from our house to yours, here are some helpful tips for promoting electrical safety both indoors and out:

  • Don’t overload a socket or extension cord. Tell your kids to ask permission before plugging in an electrical device.
  • Don’t let them plug in anything near water, including in your bathroom, kitchen, and outdoors near your pool.
  • Babies love to chew on anything they can get their teeth around. Don’t let an electrical cord be one of them.
  • Tell your children not to yank electrical cords from a wall which can damage the plug, outlet, and device all at the same time.
  • Have a tree climber among your brood? Make sure they understand the rules, including no climbing any tree that touches or even comes near an electrical power line.
  • Flying a balloon or kite is an activity best reserved for wide open spaces, far removed from power lines.
  • Install plastic plugs in all electrical outlets not in used used.
  • Inspect electrical cords on all your computer and home entertainment devices, and unplug them immediately if you spot exposed or frayed wiring. Have the wiring fixed or replaced before using that device again.

When in doubt, let common sense prevail. And if common sense dictates that your home has electrical safety risks, such as loose or frayed wiring, contact Burton today, your Omaha electrician for all reasons and all seasons. You can count on us for a guaranteed upfront price, our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and much more.