Do you have a cramped, small, hard-to-move-around-in bathroom?

If so, chances are you’ve learned to live with feeling overly crowded, even when it’s a crowd of one – especially once it hits home that enlarging your bathroom probably means losing your linen closet or shrinking an adjacent room.

What’s the practical and affordable answer?  Of course:  finding creative ways to make your bathroom simply FEEL bigger than it really is.  We have a few workable ideas to share with you, but this is far an exhaustive list:

Keep everything the same or approximate tone/color/value

Don’t mix dark walls with a light-colored tile (or vice versa) as this tends to chop space up into smaller pieces, visually speaking. If you still want some contrast, try fulfilling that goal with an object, something like a low cabinet or light fixture. The object will stand out and cause walls and tiled floor to recede into the background.

Let Light In

Windows can work wonders to make even a bathroom look larger than its physical space. If your bathroom has a window but one covered up with a dark opaque shade or some other dark window treatment, consider frosting your glass to maintain your privacy or hand sheer curtains, instead.


Mirrors reflect light on the surfaces in your bathroom and can create the illusion of more space than you really have. Instead of hanging a tiny mirror above the sink, use multiple mirrors or cover a wall  with one to add depth to a narrow bathroom.

Floating Furniture

If you absolutely rely on drawers to hide your clutter, consider a floating vanity without legs. Floating vanities attach to the wall and keep your floors clear, which can make the room look and feel more spacious.

Pedestal Sinks

These take up very little room and look fantastic. Can’t do without sink storage?  Then place glass-door cabinet beside your new sink. You’ll get more storage than you would in a low-profile vanity and in white-on-white, it will blend right in.

If your planned bathroom changes involve plumbing, Burton is ready to assist you, no matter how small or large the project might be. We also can handle all electrical wiring your bathroom makeover might require. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free project estimate.