You spend countless weekends caring for your lawn; babying it, watching it like a hawk, and waging war on anything that dares to threaten its beauty and health. But sometimes, try as you might, it just doesn’t reward you for all your time, effort, and hard work. Well, believe it or not, your lawn maintenance routine might be to blame.

Here are 6 lawn care mistakes you should avoid if you want to reap the benefits of a lush, green lawn all season long.

  1. blogDon’t water too often. You may think your lawn needs daily watering during those hot summer months, but in reality all it needs is a more intense watering once or twice a week to promote deep root growth and make your lawn stronger.
  1. Know when to water. You probably know not to water your lawn when the outside temperature is the hottest (early to mid-afternoon). But did you know that watering in the early evening hours can do more harm than good, too, leaving you with a wet lawn overnight and making the grass susceptible to mildew and fungus? Instead, give your lawn a deep watering in the early morning hours so that the water finds its way down to the roots and the grass has all day to slowly dry out.
  1. Don’t be tempted to cut your lawn short. Yes, it might allow you to go a little longer between mowings, but it also will remove those all-important photosynthesizing blades of grass, depleting the roots of stored energy, and eventually causing your lawn to starve and die.
  1. Don’t mow your lawn after a watering or rainfall. Allow your lawn to dry out completely before cutting it after it’s rained or you’ve watered it. This will help prevent the clippings from clumping and spreading diseases and weeds across the lawn while avoiding turf damage.
  1. Don’t ignore your lawnmower blades. Mowing with dull blades rips the ends off the grass instead of giving it a clean cut. This will cause the stored moisture in the grass to wick up and escape while further enabling pathogens to invade and expose the turf to disease.
  1. Avoid getting rid of all creepy crawlies. While you might not like having them crawl or buzz around you, many insects and bugs are crucial to the health of your lawn and garden. Before spraying insecticides, do a little research to find out which you might actually want to keep – like honey bees, spiders, and ladybugs.

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