Walk through just about any neighborhood during dinnertime and you’re sure to get a whiff of burgers, hot dogs, and other treats roasting away on a hot grill. After all, warm weather and grilling are almost synonymous.

Still, before you fire up your grill, make sure it’s ready for another fun-filled and delicious season by giving it a thorough cleaning. With a little time, effort, and elbow grease, you’ll help prevent a grill fire, extend the life of your grill, and ensure a summer’s worth of tasty meals.

  1. blogOnly clean your grill when it’s completely cool to the touch, or better yet, has not been used that day. Make sure the valve on the propane tank is closed and inspect your grill for any signs of damage to hoses and connections or rust.
  1. Fill two large buckets with warm water and add a few squirts of dish soap. Dish soap is great because it works well on metal and can attack stuck on food and grease.
  1. Remove all grates and soak them in the buckets of warm, soapy water for about an hour. In the meantime, remove any other removable parts such as heat shields and drip pans, cleaning off all residue or debris, and set them off to the side.
  1. Use a wire-bristle brush or rag to carefully remove char, ash, and other debris from the inside of the grill. Be sure not to touch or loosen any of the grill’s connections to the propane tank.
  1. Check the grates that have been soaking to see if the gunk has begun to fall off. If so, use a wire bristle brush to remove all the leftovers. Once the grates are clean to your liking, allow them to dry completely.
  1. Next, replace the heat shields, drip pans, and grates and make sure all connections are tight. Open the valve on the propane tank, turn the burners on, and make sure your grill is functioning properly. If so, pat yourself on the back, throw a couple of steaks on, and enjoy!
  1. Keep your grill in tip-top shape and make end-of-season clean up a breeze with a little routine maintenance. Anytime you fire up the grill, pre-heat the grates and use a wire brush to remove any leftover food or debris. Do the same after grilling. When the grill is completely cool, empty the drip pans and sweep debris out of the cooking chamber to prevent flare ups and grill fires.

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