Buying a new AC system is a rather unique process.  First of all, most people will buy only two or three in their lifetime.  That’s actually a good thing.  Here’s what’s not so good:  So much time typically lapses between two such purchases that you probably remember very little about the previous experience.  And even if you did, today’s systems or so different and superior to those from woman holding baby15 – 20 years ago, it’s like starting from a scratch.

Nevertheless, here you are, ready to saddle up and ride this pony to the finish line.  The problem is, where do you start?  Allow us, if you will, one small bit of advice, one we’re confident will hold you in good stead:  even if you don’t end up buying one, carefully consider a variable speed central AC system.

Here’s why.  Chances are, your older AC system operates at one speed.  Once your house reaches the pre-set temperature setting, your system shuts off until more cool air is needed.  That semi-frequent cycling on and off adds wear and tear and drives up your energy costs, just as turning a light on and off does vs. simply leaving it on.

Variable speed systems are different and more energy efficient.  They operate at multiple fan speeds and never turn off. Instead, fan speeds change in response to outdoor conditions and changes to your thermostat settings. That eliminates the problems associated with frequent cycling which means, in turn, that your system (with proper maintenance) will last longer than a one-speed system.  At the same time, you’ll enjoy significantly lower energy costs and overall improved comfort.

To learn more, contact Burton today to schedule an in-home consultation so we can determine your family’s home cooling needs and what sort of system makes the most sense, variable speed or otherwise.