The best time to search for a plumber isn’t when you have an immediate need for service.  It’s when you have plenty of time on your hands to make sure you hire someone you’re likely to keep for life.  After all, do you really want to conduct a brand new search for every home plumbing need?  Probably not.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Start by making a laundry list of everything that’s most important to you.  Things like good value for the money, experience, referrals, across-the-board expertise, emergency service hours, and more.  Next, you’ll want to talk to friends and neighbors who have hired a plumber more recently than you and ask what they liked and didn’t like about the experience.  From there, you can do some follow up research on the internet, and so on.

During your search process, here are several key factors you’ll want to consider for your ultimate peace of mind.

1.  Are they licensed and insured?

2.  Are they Better Business Bureau members and, if so, what’s their rating?

3.  Do they provide written estimates and explain exactly what the fee covers?

4.  Once approved, do they guarantee not to exceed the pre-agreed-upon amount?

5.  Does the plumber take responsibility for obtaining any necessary permits?

7.  Do they use high quality parts for repair services?  And what about the quality of the new systems and fixtures they recommend for installation.

8.  Are they willing to handle small jobs and, at the same time, do they have the resources and manpower to tackle even the biggest and toughest plumbing jobs?

9.  Should you call to ask questions before making a hiring decision, pay special attention to how your call is handled.  Are you treated with respect and courtesy?  Is someone making a concerted effort to answer your question in a professional and timely manner?

10.  Are they up on all the latest technologies?  In that regard, it’s fair to ask what kind of ongoing training they provide for their service, repair, and installation personnel.

Remember, you’re doing more than hiring a plumber.  If you do the homework, you’re starting a relationship.  One that can and should work to your advantage for a long time to come.

At Burton, we’ve earned Best of Omaha honors in plumbing for the past 9 years in a row.  So now you have at least one important piece of information by which to judge us.  But don’t stop there.  Give us a call, let us know what’s important to you, and ask all the questions you like.  Once you do, we’re confident you’ll find us able to meet or exceed even your most demanding expectations.

We look forward to hearing from you and earning your plumbing business.

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