Even though flooded basements are one of the unfortunate aspects of Spring, they still can happen almost any time of year. So, doesn’t it make sense to give your home year-round protection?

Obviously, you want to take every affordable step you can to keep water out of your basement. And yet sometimes, that isn’t enough, or the solution is not currently within your budget. That’s where sump pumps can help.

Your first line of defense is a main sump pump. Even if it appears to be working fine, it could stop working for a number of reasons, including loss of power, long-term wear and tear, and others.

That’s why Burton recommends the added precaution of a back-up sump pump:  water-powered or battery powered. If your property has well water, only a battery-powered system will work.

Advantages of a Water Powered Pump

  1. Takes over seamlessly when your primary sump system fails for any reason
  2. Runs off your home’s main water supply
  3. No battery to charge
  4. On guard 24 hours a day
  5. Can pump out 1,000 gallons of water per hour
  6. Can be used with any existing brand of sump pump

Advantages of a Battery Powered Pump

  1. Engages automatically
  2. Activates when your main pump can’t keep up with the flow of water
  3. Longer lasting than water powered pumps
  4. Optional systems available so you get the right pumping capacity
  5. Batteries can last up to 53 hours without recharging
  6. Most systems trigger an alarm when the battery is running low

What’s the best way to protect your basement and possessions from buckets of uninvited rain?  Contact Burton today for a free needs analysis and sump pump proposal.