There are times when something is fine as is yet enhanced with a little something extra. Like that little black dress. Perfect on its own, but better with a great pair of shoes and a complementary purse.

How about a basket of chips? Not too shabby alone, but often better with a tasty dip.

Well, the same holds true for certain areas of your home, like your kitchen.

Whether you’re planning to take on a full kitchen remodel or just looking for inexpensive ways to improve its look and functionality, consider adding under cabinet lighting.

Hard-wired or battery-powered, under cabinet lights enhance a kitchen’s ambiance while illuminating work surfaces. They also can be used in other areas of your home, like workshops, basements, garages, offices, and more.

Here’s just some of what you can accomplish with under cabinet lighting:

Reduce Shadows – Strategically placed lights can eliminate shadows created by overhead cabinets and ceiling light fixtures.

Simplified Food Preparation – Additional lighting makes chopping and reading cookbooks so much more of a pleasure. Don’t serve under-cooked meat again just because your kitchen was too dim to make sure it was cooked thoroughly.

Enhanced Look and Feel – You already spent good money for designer countertops. So, doesn’t it make sense to show them off a bit more with just the right lighting?

Improve Safety – Prevent common cooking accidents and mishaps with layered lighting that includes overhead and task illumination. This is an important feature for those of us with aging eyes.

Programmable – Some lighting systems enable you to preset the times when they turn on and off. Under cabinet lights also can be wired to a dimmer switch.

Energy Efficient – Under cabinet lights help save money by enabling you to light up one area of your kitchen vs. the entire room.

Easy to Install – Installing under cabinet lights is one of the simpler home electrical wiring jobs, and that’s another way to save money.

Could your kitchen benefit from new lighting, under cabinet or otherwise? If so, contact Burton today for fresh ideas, practical solutions, and expert installation.