Sure, you keep your home neat and tidy. Maybe you even pride yourself on being a clean freak, attacking dirt and grime with ninja-like reflexes. But did you know that even the cleanest house can be home to countless bacteria and viruses, and that the highest concentration can often be found in places you’d least expect?

Luckily, adding these surfaces to your weekly cleaning and disinfecting routine can help kill all those germs, so that you can help keep your family healthier.gloved hand cleaning faucet

  • Doorknobs, handles, and drawer pulls, including those on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • Appliance doors and handles, especially if you have young children in the house who love to get their little fingerprints on everything.
  • Your children’s backpacks, they get tossed, dragged, and dropped who-knows-where throughout a school day.
  • Personal mobile devices that are touched with dirty hands all day, every day.
  • Any remote control in the home, including TV, DVD, home comfort system, and more.
  • Reusable grocery bags that constantly go from shopping cart, to trunk of your car, and into your home.
  • Computer keyboard, especially one that is shared by multiple people in your household.
  • Personal hygiene products, such as toothbrushes, hair brushes and combs, loofas, and body sponges.
  • Your trash and recycling can, because we know not everything actually stays in the bag.

Another way to rid your home of harmful indoor pollutants – including, but not confined to bacteria and viruses – is with a whole-house air filtration system.  Installed directly into your ductwork, a whole-house air purifier from Burton will trap 99.7% of all airborne particles while your heating or cooling system fan is on.  It’s a great way to feel better – fast!  Contact Burton for more information today.