Your heating system is a team player.

Think about that for a second. If your windows and doors aren’t properly sealed, your furnace, etc., can only do so much to keep you warm. If your ducts are clogged or your registers are dusty and dirty, your heating system has a built-in handicap.

Yes, it’s the consummate team player. And here are a couple of other potential “teammates” that can help it do a much better job AND save you money:

Programmable Thermostats – The easiest thing in the world is to forget to lower your thermostat in the morning before heading off to work or wherever your busy day might take you. That’s just one example of how homeowners run up their heating bills all winter long and, in the process, shorten their system’s lifespan. With one or more programmable thermostats, you can control heat levels by time of day and from zone to zone. Some thermostats even feature remote control operation so that if your plans change, you can make the proper adjustment and not have to walk into a cold house.

Whole-House Zoning – Another way to cut your home heating costs without sacrificing comfort is by dividing your home up into two or more zones. Keep things nice and toasty where you spend the greater part of your day, and save money in the less frequently occupied rooms. It really is just that simple.

And remember: programmable thermostats and additional zones can be added in conjunction with your new or current heating system. Contact Burton today to learn more, and put our home comfort expertise to work for you.