While an electrical shock can happen to anyone, children are especially at risk, often simply because they don’t know any better.

An electrical shock occurs whenever someone touches an electrically charged object while touching another surface that can conduct the electricity to the ground. Proper grounding, electrical safety devices and avoiding hazardous situations can help protect your children and other family members from electrical shock.

Protect Your Children from Electrical Shock

Here are some practical and effective ways to childproof your home:

  • Cover unused power plugs with plastic covers.
  • Repair or discard any damaged appliances or electric cords.
  • Keep young children away from electrical appliances.
  • Teach kids to respect electricity as soon as they can understand the concept.
  • Do not use a hair dryer or radio near water.
  • Replace electrical appliances and cords if they’re worn. Look for appliances with short cords so your baby or toddler is less likely to swing them, or pull and trip on them.
  • Lock away hand tools such as saws and drills, and keep lawnmowers, chainsaws and other sharp tools out of reach. When using tools, make sure your child is out of the way. Unplug tools whenever you take a break.
  • Display emergency phone numbers and other contact information in a highly visible spot.
  • Keep a basic first aid kit in the home and car for any mishaps that might occur.
  • If you’re temporarily using extension cords, hide them behind furniture or use a hide-a-cord device. You can also put electrical tape over unused plug holes on cords.
  • Put electrical devices such as DVD players on a shelf out of reach, or behind a barrier.

One thing we can do to help is to install more outlets and/or switches so you lessen your dependency on extension cords, if not get rid of them entirely. Contact Burton today, to request service. We’re your Omaha electricians for all your home electrical safety, power, and convenience needs.