blogWhether you’re the type who spikes the heat the minute the temperature inside drops below 70 degrees or you’re determined to go without heat until November 1 – just because! – it’s still no fun when that first heating bill arrives. And as heating costs continue to climb, you might be wondering how you’re going to keep your family comfortable this season while staying on budget.

One sure-fire way is to reduce the amount of heat that escapes your home on a daily basis. You see, the typical home loses a significant amount of heat through poor insulation in the attic and walls, drafty windows and doors, and other random gaps and cracks.

So here are a few tried and true ways to retain more heat throughout the upcoming fall and winter:

  • – Allow as much natural as possible light to warm your home during the day, especially by opening shades and blinds on windows facing the sun.
  • – Use energy-efficient window coverings or thick drapes to help prevent heat loss at night.
  • – Close off rooms that are not in use.
  • – Run your ceiling fan in reverse to push more warm air toward the center of the room.
  • – Make sure that the weather-stripping on your windows and doors is not damaged, and replace it as needed.
  • – Caulk cracks around window and door frames.
  • – Seal gaps around electrical outlets.
  • – Seal your windows with clear shrink plastic.
  • – Add an area rug to help warm up a room.
  • – Add a draft stopper to exterior doors.
  • – Add a glass door to your fireplace or a fireplace insert.
  • – Check the insulation in your attic and replace as necessary. Don’t forget the attic door, as well.

Another way to heat your home more efficiently is with a heating system clean and check performed by Burton. Ours is a multi-step process that helps your system run better, last longer, and all while saving you as much money as possible on your heating costs. Our annual system inspections help provide greater safety, too.

If it’s been a year or more since your system was last professionally maintained, we invite you to contact the home heating professionals at Burton today.