No matter how methodical you might be in budgeting your family’s finances and expenditures, chances are you don’t have a category for “new heating system” any more than you would for “build a small theme park.”

Given that most heating systems last an average of 15-20 years, most likely you waon’t buy more than a few in your lifetime.  But what if one of those few times now?  Budget item or not, it’s a reality that has to be faced and, for your sake, the sooner the better.


Still, short of a total system meltdown, how are you supposed to know WHEN to replace your heating system?  It starts with knowing what to look for, and having a trusted heating professional in your corner who can advise you on whether or not you’re better off repairing or replacing your furnace.

Here are four of the leading indications that your furnace needs professional attention:

    • Rising heating costs. It’s important to keep track of your heating costs from one year to the next so you can spot exactly when your costs start appreciably rising.  When they do, it’s a clear sign of heating system fatigue.  To help prolong your system’s lifespan, we recommend annual preventative maintenance which also will help keep your heating costs in check.  But sooner, no amount of maintenance can keep those costs from rising.


    • Hot and cold spots. A new and well-designed furnace will provide just the right amount of heat everywhere in your home.  If, on the other hand, you’re experiencing hot and cold spots from one room or area to the next, the problem could be as simple as a crack or leak in your ductwork, worn out insulation, or a lack of proper window and door sealing.  The problem also could be caused by heating system wear and tear.


    • Loud and repetitive noises. Furnaces, like your children – some say – should be seen and not heard.  Again, a new and well-designed system will be so quiet, you’ll barely know it’s on except for how comfortable you feel.  But with time comes wear and tear, and with wear and tear comes noises.  Take, for example, a loud boom or thud.  That can happen with ductwork expands and contracts, especially if you have an unheated basement.  Booming and thudding can also result from a dirty burner, defective gas valve, and other causes.


    • Frequent repairs. Just about any furnace problem can be fixed.  The question is, at what point do you decide that you’ve already paid so much to have yours fixed that you’re not spending even one more dime on it?  That’s a question only you can answer, but when that time comes, you’ll just know.   your living quarters.


If all is not well with your furnace, you can count on Burton for expert diagnose and a complete explanation of your available options, from simple repairs to complete system replacement.  And if you do opt for the latter, we also offer financing with approved credit to help make your purchase more convenient.  Contact us today for prompt and professional service.