Hi Burton,

We just bought a new home here in Omaha, and I’m excited to move in… but a little worried about our budget. And unfortunately, I have the feeling our HVAC unit may be on its last leg— it’s as old as the house! I’m trying to figure out what expenses I should be prepared for. Can you help?

  • Hesitant Husker

Dear Hesitant,

You’re right to be planning for home maintenance now— before you’ve got a major repair on your hands! So many homeowners ignore their annual preventative maintenance and wait until something breaks. Not only is that extra stressful, it puts a strain on your budget and will cost you more in the long run.

Instead, a good rule of thumb is to set aside about 1% of your home’s value for HVAC service, around-the-house repairs, plumbing upgrades, and other maintenance tasks. For example, if you purchased a $400,000 house, plan to spend somewhere around $4,000-$5,000 in maintenance every year. Prepare to spend a bit more, if the home is over 20 years old, or a little less if it’s new.

What HVAC services are most important to budget for? Start with these two!

The first HVAC service we tell every Omaha homeowner to prioritize is annual preventative maintenance. Here at Burton, that includes a thorough cleaning, full inspection, new filter, and light repairs, as needed. This quick, effective service lengthens your system’s lifespan. And we’ll even recommend small repairs and updates you can make to get a few more cool summers out of it. Plus, when you sign up for our VIP Annual Maintenance plan, you get extra discounts and priority repairs. That’s a great value for homeowners not ready for a full HVAC replacement!

The second essential HVAC service every Omaha homeowner should budget for each year is new filters. You should be replacing your HVAC filter every few months— or more if you have pets, are renovating the home, or have breathing sensitivities like asthma or allergies. We’ll even deliver a bulk order of the right filters straight to your doorstep for convenient, budget-friendly DIY HVAC maintenance.

Time for an HVAC service or system replacement? Burton serves homes in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and beyond!

From our budget-friendly VIP annual HVAC maintenance package, to our first-rate HVAC repairs and upgrades, Burton has local homeowners covered! To schedule your service, contact us at (402) 343-0011 or send us a message. And don’t forget to ask about our seasonal promotions!