Did you know that May is National Barbecue Month? Well, as luck would have it, it’s also National Hamburger Month. And what better way to celebrate this tasty coincidence and the unofficial start of summer than by grilling up a juicy burger.

But whether you’re a charcoal chef or a gas grilling guru – and whether you prefer to bite into a meaty beef burger or a mouthwatering veggie burger – there are a few safety precautions you should take before firing up the grill. Here are a few tips to ensure that your celebration is fun, delicious, and safe.

  1. blogClean and inspect your grill before using it. Check all hoses and connections for leaks and inspect the bottom for rust or damage.
  1. Never grill in an enclosed area. Position your grill on a flat, level surface away from any buildings, awnings, or hanging tree branches.
  1. Have a fire extinguisher, bucket or sand, or garden hose handy should a fire spark. Keep grease fires under control with baking soda.
  1. Keep children and pets away from a hot grill, and remember that it can remain hot for another hour after cooking is complete and the fire source has been turned off.
  1. Dress appropriately, avoiding extremely loose, flowy clothing with frills or strings.
  1. Invest in the proper grilling tools, like long-handled utensils and quality fire-resistant oven mitts.
  1. Do not leave a hot grill unattended. Should you need to step away, designate another responsible adult to keep an eye on it.
  1. Once cooking is finished and your grill has cooled completely, scrub the grates clean and dispose of coals in a metal container.

If this is the year you promised you’d make the switch from a charcoal to gas grill, then why not go all the way and get yourself a gas grill that connects to your home’s natural gas supply. As licensed plumbers and gasfitters, Burton can add that new connection for you, provided your home already is connected to the gas main on your street. Contact us today for the safe and reliable service you’ve come to expect from “the only plumber you’ll ever need.”