clogged toilet“Impulsive” is something that describes all of us to one degree or another.

If you’re a contrarian, right now you’re probably thinking: “Oh yeah, what’s so impulsive about a couch potato?” Heck even couch potatoes give in to sudden impulses and changes of heart, whether it’s changing the channel in the middle of their favorite show to catch the score of a ballgame, or foregoing the ever-present bag of chips for an apple or orange. It happens, right?

Well, at Burton, we’ve noticed an impulsive behavioral trait among many of our customers that all too many later come to regret. And here’s just one of countless examples of how it can materialize. First, picture this: final preparations are being made for an elegant home dinner party, with your spouse’s new supervisor and his or her spouse as the guests of honor. Others are planning to attend, too. You’ve spent all week planning, all day cooking and cleaning, you’re all decked out, the table’s set, fresh flowers cut and placed and vases, and all of a sudden one of your kids shouts out: “Hey Mommy, I think I just blocked the toilet!”

Horror or horrors. But wait, it’s probably not the bad, so you try to fix it yourself. You grab a plunger, but no luck. Next, a pan full of boiling water, more plunging, still no luck, and now it’s T-minus one hour and counting before your first guests are due to arrive.

Double horror of horrors. So what do most people do? Race to the nearest computer or smart phone, and call the first person or company who looks even remotely qualified to clean up the mess – plus, they promise they can be right over so you hire them. An hour later, he’s still there, guests arrive as planned, the service technician apologies for not being able to do much, presents you with their bill, you pay it – triple horror of horrors.

So what’s the lesson to be learned, and one that might next time cause you to emphasize caution over impulse? Don’t hire any sewer or drain cleaning service – including clogged toilets – until you’re sure they’re qualified to get the job done!

That person or company might take a little longer to find, but then again, you already have – Burton! Voted Best of Omaha for the last 10 years in a row. Quite simply, we have the experience, trained technicians, and advanced equipment to handle any size job – period. Click here if you’d like to learn more, and then bookmark our website for quick and convenient access for any home comfort need at all: plumbing, sewers and drain, heating and cooling, and more.

We look forward to our next and every opportunity to serve you.