Electrical safety is vitally important to the protection of your Omaha home and family. In fact, electrical malfunctions or failures are responsible for over 50,000 home fires each year. Sadly, these fires lead to an average of 2,000 combined deaths and injuries. And that’s not to mention the millions of dollars of property damage caused by these mostly preventable fires.
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With May being Electrical Fire Safety Month, now’s the perfect time to take steps to help reduce the risk of an electrical fire on your home:

At the plug:

  • Use plastic outlet plugs in unused wall sockets, especially with young children around.
  • Don’t run extension cords under rugs or carpeting. Make sure the cord has the proper amperage rating for your intended use. Extension cords are the cause of over 3,000 fires each year.
  • Check appliances and extension cords for loose-fitting plugs, cracking insulation, and exposed or frayed wires. These are all signs that the cord may need to be replaced.
  • Examine outdoor outlets to ensure they are properly protected from wet weather.

At the appliance:

  • Purchase electronics and appliances that have been tested by a national laboratory.
  • Examine tools and appliances for overheating, sparking, or shorting out. Replace the cord or appliance itself if necessary.
  • Keep electrical appliances away from wet countertops and floors.
  • Keep all combustible materials (oil, gasoline, and even fire wood and papers) away from electrical equipment and store them in proper containers.
  • Use extreme caution with space heaters by keeping a 3-foot radius clear of curtains, furniture, and clothing. Keep them out of the reach of children as well.

At the source:

  • Listen for a buzzing sound at your electrical panel. This could be a sign that a circuit is overloaded. Another warning sign is a panel too hot to touch.
  • Check if there are GFCI protected outlets in key locations, such as your kitchen, bathrooms, and garage.  If not, now’s a great time to replace your older outlets.
  • Look for flickering lights or appliances that seem to run sluggishly. These could be an indication of faulty wiring, which increases the risk of fire.

Have your home wiring inspected. For greater safety and peace of mind, contact Burton today to schedule a whole-house wiring inspection, especially if it’s been more than a year since the last one.  We’ll check your wiring and cords for safety hazards, check your electrical distribution system to make sure you have an adequate power supply, and more.  We’ll also make sure your home electrical system is up to code.  At Burton, we’re very thorough in our approach, and intent on eliminating or reducing electrical risks in your home. Call Us for any type of Electrical Repair in Omaha.

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