Every summer, we get dozens of calls that go something like this…

I’ve got water pooling around my HVAC unit. Help!”

“I noticed a bad smell coming from my HVAC closet. Then I realized water had been seeping into the walls for weeks. Mold is growing everywhere!”

“We just got home from a trip and the floors are soaked. The HVAC drain pan is full, and the water just won’t drain!”

Air conditioner leaks are an all-too-common problem in Omaha-area homes— and they strike at the most inconvenient times. While you’re away, on the hottest day of the year, or just when you least expect it, widespread water damage caused by a faulty HVAC component can bring your summer fun to a screeching halt.

But what if you could stop those pesky HVAC leaks— before the damage is done?

At Burton, our newest HVAC installation service, available exclusively to Omaha- and Council Bluff-area customers, does just that.

We’re proud to introduce our all-new Dead Stop Technology, included for free with every new HVAC system install.

Many HVAC leaks are caused by a clogged condensation line. When sludge builds up and blocks your drain lines, water can back up into your unit— on onto your floors. Other leaks, like those caused by a faulty valve or cracked pipes, can dump water into your drain pan faster than it’s pumped out, causing a major home leak that spreads quickly.

Burton’s exclusive leak-stopping two-part system detects clogged condensation lines and drain pan backups quickly— proactively shutting off your unit.

First, we attach a safety overflow switch to your condensation drain lines. It clamps right to the outside of the pipe, no cutting required. Condensation can pass freely through the pipe without triggering the switch. But the moment your line clogs up, the switch instantly shuts off your unit, and a warning light indicates you’ve got a blockage (and that it’s time to give us a call!).

If water does back up into your drain pan, either from a faulty valve or bad pipes, a second small switch is triggered— the flood detector sensor. This high-tech sensor can detect the presence of even a few drops of water and quickly shut down your system. And a bright LED light indicates when a leak activated the sensor.

These two sensors work together to create what we call Burton’s “Dead Stop” Technology.

We’re the only HVAC installation in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area to include this exclusive technology as a part of any new HVAC system install. It’s a revolutionary tool, and a huge benefit to our customers. Because small, wallet-friendly repairs are always better than full system replacements and water damage cleanup!

Ready for your own HVAC installation with Dead Stop technology? Just Call Burton!

We believe every single family deserves the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’ve got a happy, healthy home. And we’re proud to offer this exclusive and proactive technology to help your home run smoothly. This summer, keep your cool (and save your floors!) with Burton. Contact us at (402) 343-0011 or send us a message to learn more and schedule your service.