The dog days of summer are here. The fortunate among us have a well-functioning air conditioning system that were built and maintained to take summer’s best on the chin, and yet keep churning out nice cool air.

Then there’s another group of home owners. Those whose AC systems were barely up to the cooling demands of early-to-late spring, and are now totally miserable in their surroundings because their system just can’t deliver like it once did.

So, that then begs the question: are you better off replacing your system now or riding it out until next spring?  We’d like to make a case for “now” and, once you consider our rationale, at least you’ll be better prepared to make a fully informed decision.

  • Wait until spring, and there’s a good chance you’ll be standing in line along with all the home owners who made the same choice
  • Wait until spring or early summer, and expect a delay in getting your new system installed as that’s an air conditioning company’s busiest time of year.
  • Or, purchase your new or replacement AC system in late summer or early fall when demand is lower which means less time waiting.
  • You’re also likely to save money in the fall based on excess inventory that no company wants adding clutter to their warehouse during the fall and winter months.

As the consumer who’s contemplating making an off-season purchase, you have all the power. Because if you make enough calls, you’re bound to one or more highly compelling price quotes, at least one of which you’ll have a very hard time turning down.

Why are we telling you all this?  Because at Burton, we take pride and pleasure in helping our customers save money. So do yourself a favor and contact us anytime from mid-August to early October and find out how much you can save on a new or replacement system. Then, come next spring, you’ll be rarin’ to go the minute the weather starts to heat up.