Funny as it may sound, your sump pump performs the exact opposite function of most other home plumbing fixtures and systems.  While just about everything else brings water into your home, a sump pump is responsible for pushing excess basement water out.

That means it gets used less often than probably any other plumbing fixture or system you own.  As such, it’s easy for it to become anything but top-of-mind. And that can be a big mistake because when it’s needed, you want the confidence of knowing it’s up to the challenge of the next rain storm or melting snow episode.

With that in mind, here are a few fast and simple self-maintenance tips for your home’s primary sump pump and, in the process, determining if it might be a good idea to replace it.

  • Determine Its age. The normal effective lifespan of a sump pump is 10 years. If yours is at least that old, the prudent option is to have it professionally inspected to determine its fitness for even one more basement flooding episode. Not sure when it was installed? You can call the company that installed it or jot down the serial number and proceed to the manufacturer’s website for the information you seek.
  • “Listen to the music.” Sump pumps have their own distinct humming/operating sound. Get used to the sound of yours so if, over time, it starts sounding choppy or otherwise erratic, you’ll know it needs to be inspected and perhaps either repaired or replaced.
  • Keep your eye on the water. If, from one rain storm to the next, you notice water getting closer and closer to the top of the sump, you can reasonably conclude that your pump is not working up to its original proficiency rating.

Remember this:  the reason you have a sump pump is because you care deeply about the structural integrity of your home and any personal belongings that could be in harm’s way from overflowing water.  So, if you’re even a little unsure about the condition of your pump, contact Burton today so we can thoroughly inspect for you and recommend the right remedial action, but only if any is needed.