You know how it begins. The kitchen sink drains slower and slower every day. Was it always like this? You can’t remember. So you ignore it (which never solves the problem, but we are all human). Before you know it, the drains are clogged and nothing will drain.

A drain operating at its optimal point is when liquids swirl down the drain at a rapid pace. It should not drain slowly, gurgle, or bubble.

Your kitchen drain requires at least once a year maintenance and cleaning. Preventative maintenance can help save you from headaches by maintaining a healthy and working kitchen drain. Our professional team can help address issues with your kitchen drain before it leads to serious clogs and more expensive solutions.

Annual drain opening can also identify hidden issues that may cause problems in your homes’ pipes. For instance, our technicians can find issues such as corrosion inside the pipe. These issues can be addressed quickly before they become a larger problem.

Just Call Burton. We can help diagnose and solve your drain issues quickly and professionally. 📞 (402) 343-0011