When you think about repair problems that are most likely to crop up at any time, what first comes to mind? A sudden loss of hot water? That’s way up there on most peoples’ lists. And so is any sort of disruption caused by a problem with home heating or cooling systems.

And yet when it comes to electrical service and wiring, way too often it’s simply taken for granted. As in, “I have electricity now, and therefore I’ll have it again tomorrow.” Ah, if only things were that simple. And yet, the simple fact is, there are a large number of home electrical repair issues you should not just be aware of, but attuned to. These include:


  • Dips in electrical power. These are caused in two primary ways: first, by overloaded circuits or by a device plugged into a socket made with substandard materials. To the latter point, don’t purchase an electrical device unless it carries the UL or similar endorsement of quality construction.
  • Light switches not working properly. Dimmer switches that aren’t doing their job could also be the result of a poor-quality product or sub-standard installation. And then there’s the problem of moving into a new house and you find switches that don’t run anything on. This could mean that one or more switches have been superseded and fixtures removed, or it could signal a fault in the outlet, circuit or wiring.
  • Frequent electrical shocks. Usually more annoying than dangerous, electrical shocks still remind us that all is not well with our home electrical wiring system. Electrical shocks typically happen when you turn a device on or off. That indicates either a problem with the appliance or the wiring. If you suspect the former and you’re willing to risk another electrical shock, unplug the appliance and plug another one into the same outlet before turning it on.
  • Recessed lighting that turns on and off by itself. The two most likely causes of this happenstance are: a bulb with too much wattage for the fixture OR protective ceiling insulation that’s been installed too close to the bulb.


There’s a much longer list of potential home electrical problems we could share with you but, by now, you get the idea. And that is, to maintain the highest possible standards of home safety and convenience throughout the year, insist on an annual electrical performance and safety inspection by one of our qualified and licensed electricians. If it’s been a year or more since your last home electrical inspection, contact Burton today.