To fully appreciate the benefits of a zoned heating and air conditioning system, let’s take a quick look at how zoning works.

A HVAC system supplies only the amount of warm or cool air you select for each zoned area through dampers.

There’s one damper and one thermostat for each zone.  At one extreme, each room can be its own zone, but chances are you don’t really need THAT much control.  More likely, you’d have one zone for your upstairs and one for your downstairs area.  However you have it set up, the idea is to be comfortable in the areas you spend the most time in and not waste energy in those areas less frequently occupied.

Omaha Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning Benefits

As you might expect, zoned home comfort systems are designed to reduce your monthly energy bills.  And when you do that, you’re also helping to conserve precious natural resources.

Having multiple zones also results in total comfort where you need it, which can change from hour to hour, day to day and, yes, season to season.

Here’s a practical example.

Let’s say that it is winter and your home faces east, that your living room is on the east side, has large windows, and you have only one zone. In the morning, the east side of your home has a high heat gain due to the sun shining through the windows. That’s where your thermostat is located, and it’s not kicking on because it’s already registering the desired temperature.  Meanwhile, on west side of your home, the temperature is dropping because your thermostat is fooled into thinking the whole house is warm.

If that same home were split into two zones with one thermostat on each side of the house, the one on the west would “request” and get more heat while the heat gain on the east keeps that area nice and comfy without any wasted heat or energy.

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