blogWhat does back to school time have to do with your home water heater? Well, to be fair, unless you have kids living at home and ready to embark on another year’s academic adventure, then the answer is probably “nothing.”

But for everyone else, here’s the connection. This summer, you see, your water heater has gotten used to a certain lull in the action. Fewer bursts of activity. More time to rest up in between.

But in just a few weeks, all that’s going to change. Once again, your water heater will have to endure a very rigorous early morning schedule. One that will feature shower after shower, one or more shavings, and maybe even a spin of the washing machine or dishwasher for good luck.

Sure, it will have plenty of time to rest once the gang is off to work and school, but your water heater will definitely miss the more easy-going pace of summer.

So here’s the question: can your water heater provide you with all the hot water you need come back to school time? Chances are you’re simply not sure, especially if your unit is at least 5 years old, long enough to have accumulated a significant amount of internal corrosion and sediment in the storage tank.

That’s why now is the perfect time to contact Burton for our multi-point water heater safety and efficiency inspection. Hey, we all need a little freshening up from time to time, and your water heater is no different. Plus, we can put your mind at ease by checking for – and, hopefully, ruling out – the possibility of either a gas or carbon monoxide leak.

Contact Burton today to schedule service, and let the school year begin! (Sorry, kids!)