blogOnce upon a time, buying a replacement water heater was a fairly simple proposition.   Chances are you would simply call your plumber, schedule an appointment, and let the natural replacement process run its course. Take the old one out, put the new one in, and everybody’s happy.

Sorry to say, it’s never going to be that simple again, and all because of new federal regulations that took effect in mid-April, 2015. NAECA, as the program is called, was implemented to improve water heater energy efficiency levels for the greater purpose of conserving natural resources. NAECA, by the way, stands for National Appliance Energy Efficiency Act.

Let’s start with the good news part of the story. The next water heater you buy WILL help reduce your monthly utility bills and WILL likely pay for itself, over time, because of those same energy savings.

So far, so good, right? Okay, here’s where things get a little more “interesting.”

Let’s say – by way of one very realistic example – that you now have an electric water with storage tank capacity greater than 55 gallons. Let’s further assume that you need at least as much hot water capacity in a new system as you have now, if not more.

Well, as your home comfort advisers, we at Burton would first have to tell you that standard electric waters, like the one you have now, are no longer being manufactured in the US. Taking their place are electric hybrid heat pump water heaters which employ heat from ambient air as one means to heat the water in your tank. Electric hybrid units are super energy efficient and we’re confident you’d be thrilled to have one.

There’s just one little problem. Electric hybrid systems must be installed in a room or area with at least 1,000 cubic feet or air flow around it, which is the rough equivalent of 10’ x 10’. Otherwise, the heat pump component couldn’t effectively do its job. If your current space doesn’t meet that requirement, then together we would need to come up with a creative alternative solution.

And trust us: here at Burton, we are plumbing and water heater professionals, and we have exactly the right new water heater solution for every home, family, and budget. More than that, we’ll explain all the ramifications of the new federal program, how they apply to you, and what sorts of new water heater options are now available to you.

Keep this in mind, too: when all is said and done, you can look forward to saving up to $300 a year and more on water heater energy costs.

If now’s the time for you next water heater, contact Burton today for the professional advice, friendly service, and expert installation you’ve grown to expect.