blogWith the heating season already in full swing, chances are your indoor air is considerably drier than it was even a month or two ago. No surprise there: warm air from a heating system takes moisture out of the air which, in turn, leads to a certain amount of discomfort and inconvenience from the likes of static electricity, dry skin, dry hair, nose bleeds, and even dried up wood floors and furniture.

Sound familiar? Then here are several simple and effective ways to add moisture into the air, starting today!

Invest in House Plants – You don’t need a green thumb to water a plant when it’s dry, especially when there’s a significant upside beyond added indoor beauty. Once water penetrates the roots of a house plant, it sends water to the underside of the leaves through a process called “transpiration.” From there, the leaves emit moisture into the air.

Don’t Drain that Tub! – When you’re done taking a bath or giving one to your child, let the water sit there for a while before draining the tub. Once the water cools off, it will begin to release moisture into the air.

Pour Some Water in a Bowl – If you have baseboard heating units or floor vents, you’ll love this one. Just pour some water in a good size bowl and place it in front or on top of the heat source. Once the heat comes in contact with the water, your humidity levels will begin to rise.

Hang your Clothes On Chairs or Racks – As it dries, moisture is released into the air and you have yet another way to relieve the symptoms of dry indoor air.

Want something that can provide added humidity throughout your entire home? Burton can provide just that with a whole-house humidity control system. They add moisture in the winter and remove excess moisture in the summer. And you get to control exactly how much. Contact us today for more information and a free quote on this surprisingly affordable add-on to your home comfort systems.