You think you get stressed out at times?  Just ask your AC system how it feels after running non-stop during an extended hot streak. Or, for that matter, being on call 24/7 from May through October.

It’s the kind of stress none of us could stand up to.  Well, neither can your AC system – at least not for very long – without some TLC along the way.

So, to relieve some of that stress, enjoy greater repair-free comfort, and save money on your energy bills, just follow these helpful tips:

  • Once the outdoor temperature hits 100, raise your thermostat to 75 degrees so it won’t have to work as hard. That’s especially important if yours is an older model.
  • Has it been a year or more since your most recent scheduled maintenance? The better and more frequently maintained your system, the greater its ability to hang tough, even in extreme heat.
  • Clean or replace your filter every 30 days. That’s good advice even under balmy conditions.
  • Keep window fixtures closed while the sun is beating down. Anything you can do to cool off the inside of your house means less work for your AC system.
  • Before leaving the house, raise the thermostat to 80 or 85 and then lower it to 75 when you return. Your system appreciates every breather it can get.

We also recommend installing ceiling fans to further reduce system wear and tear.  By running it counter-clockwise, the fan will bring cool air back up where you need it, thus minimizing the amount you need to draw from the system.  That’s another good way to reduce your electricity bills.

Still, sometimes heat stress wins, even with the best of care.  If your AC system needs professional attention, contact Burton today to schedule prompt and dependable service.  You’ll receive a guaranteed price quote and our 100% guarantee of satisfaction.