More and more homeowners now prefer shower stalls to tubs with a shower.  That’s especially true for families with more than one bathroom…they realize it’s much easier to sell a house with at least one tub.

Not sure if this is the right move for you?  Consider the following advantages of a tub-to-shower conversion:

Additional space, both inside the shower and out

Bathtubs are clunky and take up a ton of space. With a shower system, you’ll free up some of that space which means your bathroom will look more spacious…even more so if your new shower includes glass sliding doors. Don’t want to lose the bathing experience entirely? Then how about a shower enclosure with a bench seat and multiple shower jets for a spa-like feel.

Greater ease of access

Eliminating the need to step over the edge of a tub enhances bathroom safety, especially for the elderly or family members with special needs.

Prevent slips and falls

Installing a new shower with non-slip tiles can help eliminate the chance of injury. Even greater safety can be achieved by incorporating a handheld shower-head and bench seats into your shower stall design.

How Burton Can Help

At Burton, we can handle all aspects of your tub-to-shower conversion, including ripping out and disposing of your tub. We also provide multiple new shower options, including:

  • Glass or curtain accessible
  • Built-in shower bench
  • Built-in light
  • One or multiple spray jets
  • Range of sizes and styles
  • Built-in shelving for shampoos and soaps
  • Round or rectangular shape
  • And more

Contact Burton today to learn more about tub-to-shower conversion and for a complete project proposal.