That’s not exactly an age-old question, but in 2015, it’s extremely common.

In fact, it’s one we’re asked all the time from home owners intent on making the right decision for their family’s added comfort and energy savings.

As for the correct answer, well, there’s really no way to give you that without first examining your current system. But, in general, here are several situations where it probably makes more sense to replace than repair:

  • – Age of system – If your AC system is at least 15 years old, then it’s already reached the low end of its average lifespan (15 – 20 years). The older it gets, the more susceptible it becomes to bigger and more costly repair problems. If you replace it before it seriously breaks down or fails, you can do so without rushing into a decision you might later regret.
  • – Rising energy costs – Older systems typically run at no better than 60% of their original energy efficiency. Plus, new systems (on average) are considerably more energy efficient than the one you have now, even when you first had it installed. Today, for example, the energy savings you’ll enjoy with a replacement AC system can cover the cost of your system in as little as a few years.
  • – The cost of the repair – Let’s say you have a technician come to your home and you receive the kind of repair estimate that sends shock waves through your system…$2,000 or more, for example. So, we ask you, what makes more sense: putting $2,000 into a system that might last another couple of years, with or without additional repairs, or putting that same amount of money into a brand new system that will last much, much longer and dramatically cut your energy costs? Only you can decide.
  • – Rising cost of Freon – As you probably already know, all new AC systems are made with R-410A refrigerant, an EPA-recognized, chlorine-free replacement for Freon (also known as R-22). The latter is still available to re-charge your older system, but even that won’t be possible as of 2020 when R-22 will be completely banned. In the meantime, theR-22 is becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain while the cost keeps rising.

When you put your confidence in Burton, we’ll reward it by giving straight and honest advice on which way to go: repair or replace. We’ll also explain our financing options as one possible means to help make your purchase more manageable. Contact us today, and let’s figure out the right solution for your home, family, and budget.